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The use of electrical vehicles is a reality today, becoming increasingly relevant each day. Less noise and less pollution for our cities are some of the advantages it provides us.

There are several manufacturers involved who offer us a better technology to adapt them to our daily living at competitive prices.

The growth of recharge stations is subjected to electrical vehicle drivers who need the confidence to move safely and this service will be gradually integrated in all our cities.

At Medori Electricidad, we advise the community about all the necessary steps to integrate a car in the daily living, the sale of the equipment, the installation services, as well as connecting the recharge stations to the platform

It is possible to set up different models for recharge stations, and adapt them to each zone. Electrical vehicles take 20 minutes (50KW), 50 minutes (22KW), or 2.3 hr (7.4KW) to recharge a total of 100 km. Based on the mean stay time at each zone more or less power will be needed.


  • Existence of a platform where Fenie Energía recharge stations are visible on the map, so the driver knows where they are, if these are available or taken up, and the possibility to book them via mobile apps. One single card to recharge at all Fenie Energía stations.
  • Improvement of the well-being in the cities, cutting emissions and noises with a positive impact on our health and the planet’s health.
  • Businesses become more competitive when using electrical vehicles.
  • Tourism incentives creating touristic roads for electrical vehicles only.
  • Brand improvement and environment responsibility by individuals and companies.
  • Public Offices-funded assistance plans; in the EU, by Feder Funds, in Spain, via the Movea Plan and at city hall level.

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