Iluminación en Ibiza

The (incredible) influence of light in outdoor events

Outdoor lighting is one of the most fascinating topics for our lighting expert team in Ibiza. It has a very important impact, especially on outdoor events – you can change dramatically change your audience’s feelings. Today we are sharing a few tips on how to take advantage of it.

As lighting experts in Ibiza, we know the importance of lighting events, which are very frequent in our island and which certainly will increase during the coming season. At Medori Electricidad, we have purposely chosen our tagline, We light up sensations’. Lighting, when it is duly oriented and based on the type of event, may create a very different and unforgettable sensation.

iluminación en Ibiza

Our experience has led us to collaborate with all kinds of partners, and among them, of course, the most popular event organizers in Ibiza. There is something these professionals always highlight – the importance of lighting.  If the event ends without sunlight, lighting becomes a main and differential element.

Lighting in Ibiza is a valuable asset, a place known for having unique and unparalleled light. Our expert installers know how to be the best ‘keepers of the light’ of our island; and lighting it on, when the natural one fades out, is our company’s specialty. Our decade-long experience in this specialty helps us to know in which places any lighting looks better. Today we will review some tips and tricks to turn a normal celebration into a sensational experience by means of the lighting approach.

Get support from experts and you will always succeed, our lighting company based in Ibiza has learned much over decades, and it is always better to learn from the best to become one of them.

On many occasions, the easier approaches, free from paraphernalia and big machinery, give a spectacular effect. Lamps and bulbs can give a special light to your special day without the need of large budgets. If you need to lighten up your celebration hall, where weddings, presentations, openings, corporate events… etc. are hold, do not hesitate to resort to lighting experts in Ibiza. We also have a team of expert partners for event planning. One event can lead to another one, and no doubt, Medori Electricidad will make you fall in love with our events.

iluminación en Ibiza

A touch that can make a difference for your event, coupled with bulbs and lamps strategically located… such as in a piece of furniture. A trend that is increasingly noticeable in our island, a highlight for our lighting experts in Ibiza.

iluminación en Ibiza

On many occasions, the easier approaches, free from paraphernalia and big machinery, give a spectacular effect.

The lighting “style” is a key element event planners should focus on. Our expert tips cover lighting location, power and features. Each event planner then signs the event with his or her particular trace. The lamp type that you want to use for a corporate event will differ from that used in a country house or farm in Ibiza, or the one for a wedding on the beach.

Get the support from experts and you will always succeed, our lighting company based in Ibiza has learned much over the decades, and it is always better to learn from the best to become one of them.

Which electric vehicle suits you better?

At Medori Electricidad, a company dedicated to electrical installations in Ibiza, we are committed to sustainable mobility. Check out with us which electric vehicle fits your needs best.

This year, the Government of Spain will substitute the PIVE Plan with the MOVEA Plan, a portion of the National General Budget that will fund the change of conventional vehicle to an electrical one.

This is a golden opportunity to learn more about this type of sustainable vehicle and purchase it. From our electrical installation company, based in Ibiza, we promote electrical mobility based on the multiple advantages it offers, as it reduces both pollution and noise from our environment.

Medori Electricidad is a Fenie Energía agent for installing charging points for electric vehicles

How do we help to promote it? At Medori electricity you will learn everything you need to integrate an electric car into your routine. We also install and connect the charging points to Fenie Energía platform. We collaborate in the extension of the charging points for electric vehicles so that you do not have to worry about them.

          Electric vehicles types

The electrical car is the most popular vehicle and will soon become much more widespread. In this regard, the MOVEA Plan will not only help with the purchase of cars, but it will also finance the acquisition of other electric vehicles. Do you know what types are available? Get a closer look to these sustainable means of transport.

  • Electric bicycles: Electric bicycles are conventional bikes carrying an electric motor located on the back wheel, on the front wheel or near the axis of the pedal shaft. This electric motor facilitates the bicycle movement, and the bike stops when you stop pedaling. It is powered by a battery that is recharged from an electrical line.
  • Electric motorbikes: The advantages of riding a motorbike around town do not need to be listed. The motorbike is a vehicle with a faithful and passionate audience that needs to be cared of. Therefore, the market is devoted to offer very different models to satisfy all profiles. They do not emit smoke or noise, and they also offer almost identical features as conventional motorcycles. To charge the battery, there are two options: using the connecting cable that comes from the bike to the plug; or through the removable batteries. They can be taken home to be easily charged there, as if they were a mobile phone.

Electric scooters: These devices reach speeds ranging between 10 and 60 km/h, there are some who have up to 2000 W of power and are a great eco-friendly means of transportation for the city.

  • Electric cars: Currently, there are several types of electric cars. On the one hand, the hybrid electric vehicle has an internal combustion engine and a permanent magnet electric motor. At low-speed, the electric motor alone drives the vehicle. On the other hand, we also have the plug-in hybrid vehicle, which is enough to cover the first tens of km with electricity. Finally, we should mention the 100% electric cars, which aim to overcome the limitation of autonomy and load time to increase market penetration.

If you want to buy an electric vehicle and learn how to deal with it, don’t hesitate to contact our electrical installation company in Ibiza.